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Vice President's Message 
Hugo Aguilar
Vice President of Codes & Standards Development

All of IAPMO’s industry standards undergo new development or revision with input from interested stakeholders including manufacturers, city officials, building and plumbing inspectors, and product distributors through our open standards development process. This includes a 20-day public review period, where the draft standard is published on our public webpage. Finally, the standard is presented for review and adoption to IAPMO’s Standards Review Committee members, a standing body of experts in product review and certification, before the industry consensus standard is published. All this is done to confirm that IAPMO’s Standards Department strives to continue development and revision of all its industry and ANSI national standards in a thoroughly consensus and comprehensive manner as possible.

As always, IAPMO Industry standards are available for perusal on our Standards Index webpage, where you’ll find descriptions of the following types of industry standards:
- IGC: “IAPMO Guide Criteria,” developed for innovative products not addressed by existing standards
- IS: IAPMO “Installation Standard,” for industry installation practices for plumbing products
- PS: IAPMO “Material and Property Standard,” supersedes the IGC standard for same product
- TS: IAPMO “Trailer and Recreational Vehicle Standard,” for trailer and recreational vehicles

IAPMO’s Industry and National Standards are available for purchase at the IAPMO Standards Online Store.

Our annual report last year how our country’s slightly improving economy prompted manufacturers to develop new innovative products and modify their existing products in effort to enhance functional product features. These activities continue to appear on a slight incline in the present, as these last 12 months have resulted in generating about the same averages of new development and revision activity of IAPMO industry standards as follows:
- one new IAPMO Guide Criteria (IGC) per month
- one revision per month to IAPMO Guide Criteria (IGC), Property Standards (PS), and Trailer Standards (TS)
- addressing and resolving public comments to some of these standards at least once a month

Along these lines, some manufacturers are trying to help resolve domestic and global issues, such as drought conditions that affect many countries around the world, and especially the southwestern areas here in the United States. Noteworthy are two manufacturers who requested our Standards Department help them create new water conservation IGCs for the following applications:
- IGC 324 “Alternate Water Source Systems” for graywater applications
- IGC 330 “Recirculating Shower Systems” for showering applications

In addition to developing new standards, there has been interest expressed from a few industry groups in reinstating IAPMO’s Installation Standards (IS) into the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). As a bit of background, in past UPC editions 22 different installation standards were included in Appendix I. However, recently it was noted that the installation standards did not appear to harmonize with code development updates, resulting in conflicting information in the new UPC editions. Consequently, Installation Standards were removed from the 2015 UPC.

Therefore, so we may reinstate IAPMO IS into the UPC, a standards application is required in order to review and update the requested IS to help ensure it is updated accordingly and will not conflict with the 2015 UPC, according to our policies and procedures.

Finally, as a small bit of new information, we’re pleased to share that IAPMO’s Standards Department has been asked to help develop ANSI consensus building standards, whereby we’ve applied to ANSI to expand our scope of national standards development accordingly.

Now that you know a little more about the progressive services offered by IAPMO Standards, we again respectfully ask for your continued trust and opportunities to serve your entire product standard needs. We’re continually open to your suggestions and are thinking of new ways to further enhance our services to better serve you — manufacturers, industry, and society. Kindly share with us any ideas or suggestions you may have. There's never been a better time to have IAPMO Standards develop your product’s standard to help get it tested and certified for enhanced marketing within today’s rapidly emerging market, but it all begins with development of your product’s performance standard. Please peruse IAPMO Standards’ website and its services, and let us know how we may help you.